Inneihna An Hman Loh Thu An Phat Hnu Ah Georgina Rodriguez Chuan Ronaldo Chu ‘Pasal’ Tiin A Ko

Georgina Rodriguez leh Cristiano Ronaldo te hi November thla daih tawh khan North Africa ah sawm bik em em pawh awm lovin a ruk thei ang bera inneihna an hman thu an sawi a, mahsela nupa anga sawi an nihna ah hian an pha a nupa an la nih loh thu an sawi.

Inneihna an la hman loh thu an phat aṭanga thla hnih a liam hnu ah Georgina Rodriguez chuan Ronaldo nen hian nupa an ni ngei tih rin theih turin ‘Pasal’ tiin a rawn ko leh lawi si.

Georgina Rodriguez hian kum 26 a chuangkai a, a birthday puala post a siam ah Ronaldo chu pasal ṭha tak leh nun nuam tak pe tu tiin a lo fak nasa hle a, pasal tia a koh vang hian an innei ngei a ring tawk pawh an awm leh ta nuk.

‘Happy 2️⃣6️⃣ for me, very happy. I can’t ask life more. Just a lot of health for my family and me and to always enjoy them. Thank you all for your congratulations, flowers and therefore love ✨ And Thank you to my husband for giving me the best of life, our children. I love you” tiin Georgina hian a post a ni.

Ronaldo pawh hian Georgina hi nupui duhawm leh an fate tana nu ṭha ber a nih thu in ṭawngkam ngaihthlak nuam tak alo hlan ve bawk. Kum 2016 aṭang in an pahnih hian an inngaizawng chho.


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